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Monday, March 2, 2009

No Audio Output Device is installed error after installing Windows Vista SP1

After installing the vista SP1 update you might notice that there is no sound and the speaker icon on the system tray displays the following message No Audio Output Device is installed ,what seems to work is to remove the audio driver from Device Manager.
To do this click Start ,Control Panel ,System and Maintenance and then Device Manager on the left pane.
On the Device Manager dialogue box click on the Hardware tab and then Device Manager ,expand the Sound ,video and game controllers section ,right click on the current sound device(Realtek ,Via ,soundblaster etc.)and choose uninstall ,do not check the option Delete the Driver Software for this device unless you have the installation CD or software for your sound device.
After doing this restart the computer and Vista will reinstall the device and the sound will work again.


Sharon said...

This would work great EXCEPT that when I go to the device manager, the sound, video and game controllers section is MISSING altogether! Now what??

Fabio the computer guy said...

Click on the view tab under device manager and check the option show hidden devices and see if it's there.
Did you perhaps add any new hardware like more memory recently?

Fabio the computer guy said...

You can also go to the manufacturers website and download the latest sound driver ,what is your manufacturer and model number?

chumbly said...

Listen "sound, video and game controllers" IS NOT THERE in device manager.

Its no use downloading drivers if the section "sound, video and game controllers" IS NOT THERE.

Heellllooooo its not there.

Fabio the computer guy said...

Did this happen after installing Vista SP1?
If so you can try to uninstall it from the add/remove software section in the control Panel.

shopping cart said...

Some old system hardware does not support vista, so any other way of installing driver at vista?

Fabio the computer guy said...

Vista usually has a driver for older systems.
If it doesn't install yours then we can try and find it.
What is the make and model of the computer or laptop.
If it's a non branded computer then the motherboard or sound card reference is needed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was havin these problem and i joust did these and it worked thank you!!! :)