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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Windows 7 64bit does not use all the memory installed

Had a laptop with windows 7 64bit edition and 4GB of Memory installed but the system would recognise 4GB but it said only 3GB is usable.
The problem here is that windows 7 has limited the usable memory to 3GB in the startup settings.
To fix this click Start ,type msconfig ,select the Boot tab and then select Advanced options , and uncheck the  Maximum memory option if activated click OK when done.
Then Apply and restart the computer.

Problem solved.

Windows 7 keeps reverting to 640x480 screen resolution

This one was a strange one every time you log into windows 7 the screen resolution would revert back to the lowest setting which in my case was 640x480 .
What was happening is that there is an option activated to boot windows 7 with a Base Video mode ,so even if you change the screen resolution back to what it was initially it would always revert back to 640x480 because that option is enabled.
To fix this click on Start ,type msconfig and in the General tab select Normal startup  ,Apply and restart.

Problem Solved.