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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Drive is not accessible. Incorrect function when trying to open CD in Windows XP

Strange error this one ,when a customer tried to open a CD by clicking on it in My computer he would get the error D:\Is not accessible. Incorrect function.
After doing some research at Microsoft and other areas the only real solution that worked for me was to Right-click the CD drive and go to properties ,then recording tab ,finally enabling the option to allow recording on this device.
And that was it the error went away when opening a CD.


Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem, but when I open the properties for my CD-ROM, there is no "Recording" tab. HELP, Please!

Fabio the computer guy said...

Do you have a CD recorder or a normal CD rom drive?
See if this helps you :

Anonymous said...

I had this same problem after uninstalling Easy media Creator and it was driving me crazy. I read other replies to this error who said your drive is stuffed get a new one, I tried multiple drives that i know work and all had the same error. This fix worked immediately and cost nothing, thanks very much I was ready to do a fresh installation of my OS to try and cure this. This was a lot easier and less stressful.Thanks so much for posting this, JC