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Friday, June 20, 2008

how much should one charge for computer repair?

Usually jobs can be worked out by charging per hour ,per job or even with a contract.
sometimes a format can be charged just a format and then maybe add an hour or so if they want stuff to be copied or saved from a previous installation.
Per hour can get expensive as usually the computer does most of the work one wouldn't charge per hour for instance on an anti-virus scan as the scanner will take longer and the tech just has to look once in a while but if a tech is constantly working hourly then per hour might be just and fair.
A contract type of fee happens when a business pays a monthly fee for you to go there and do maintenance which can get tricky and sometimes you do more work then what the contract fee is ,and don´t forget about them calling you when they feel like it.

I would like other experienced Techs to leave their comments on what one should charge for repairs.


WinDiagnostic said...
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Computer Stop said...

In my store, we charge a "per hour" rate,I emphasize per hour because we do not always use it in that manner.

Virus and spyware removal - 55 dollars (alot of time spent doing scans etc - we are not at the computer)

reformat and re installation - 110 2 hours (once again, not there the whole time but there is more time spent doing this than virus removal)

Hardware and software bugs or fixes we actually charge hourly at 55 and then also do what we call a quick fix at 25 dollars if it is one of those easy "that was unplugged" instances.

Hope this helps!

Fabio the computer guy said...

Thanks for the input it is appreciated.
Some places would give a "freebie" on those "unplugged" occasions.
but time is money.

Mike said...

I am a Microsoft Outlook user. Some time I face problem with my Outlook, I am unable to open it or it may give me an error message. Some time I lost my all the outlook contacts. I am aware that there are many Outlook PST Repair tools available in the market. But even repairing our pst file by the software we lost some emails or contacts etc. I remember, in past I had some problem in my Outlook, I purchased on repair software, however it just recovered some emails. I lost many emails folder from my outlook, then I purchased one more software but still I lost many important contacts.

computer repair said...

I think charging based on monthly contract works best for both the customer and computer repair company. The company could repair the computer problems like Virus while working on other computers and the customer wouldn't have to pay high prices for every problem to be resolved.

priya said...

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