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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to clear google search box history

To clear the search box history from the google main page eg you have to clear it from your computer as that is where it is stored ,here is how to do it.

For Internet Explorer 6 do the following:

Go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options then go to the Content tab click the AutoComplete button and then click the Clear Forms button ,click on Apply and then OK to close the Internet Explorer options menu.

For Internet Explorer 7 do the following :

Go to the Tools menu and select Delete Browsing History then click the Delete forms button ,click Yes in the confirmation window when finished click on Close.

For FireFox do the following:

Go to the Tools menu then select Clear Private Data now select Saved Form and Search History and click the Clear Private Data Now button.

That is it your history has been cleared.

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Art said...

I'm using History Killer Pro to clear Google search box history.