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Friday, October 24, 2008

How to remove VirusResponse Alert / VirusResponse lab 2009 popup message in Windows Vista

A user got infected with a virus /spyware that installed this annoying program called VirusResponse Alert (which may also be installed as VirusResponse lab 2009)and it would load on startup to scan the system and showing fake results , in some cases a pop up can appear on the taskbar saying that the computer is infected and click here to protect yourself.

The following method worked for me to remove this program ;
I updated Windows Defender ,my Antivirus program and downloaded Combofix.
I then rebooted into Safe-Mode and ran my Antivirus program ,Windows Defender and then Combofix and followed the onscreen instructions when finished Combofix rebooted back into normal windows to finish the removal.
Behold no more VirusResponse Alert problem.

Note: if you don't have Windows Defender you can use a program like Spybot search and destroy.
Try to stay away from the ones that ask you to purchase the product in order to remove the infections ,why pay when there are good ones for free :)


Michael said...

Hey dude i got a another application for removing those fake alerts and malwares. "Malwarebytes Antimalware" removes those fake alerts in a fraction of seconds. It is easy to install and consumes very very less memory...

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Fabio the computer guy said...

That program is also a very good one .
Thanks for the post :)