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Monday, May 19, 2008

cannot remove virus it says its in use or write protected

If you run an Anti-virus scan in windows or if a virus is found the program might give the error that it cannot delete ,quarantine or repair it.
First make sure you have the latest virus definition files (this is easily done by clicking on update button).
The best way to remove a virus is to boot into safe mode and run it from there.
when rebooting or switching on your computer tap the F8 key a few times before windows starts to load( usually after the machine beeps and shows your systems speed and memory amount).
you will be shown the boot menu( here is a description of the items shown), choose the option right on top called Safe Mode and press Enter.
After windows has loaded many files your mouse cursor will reappear and the graphical display will return.
Don´t worry if the display looks bigger or not so crisp it´s what we call the back door of windows ,click on the username that needs to be opened to enter Safe mode.
you will be asked if you want to launch System Restore or continue in Safe Mode ,choose Safe mode.
After the system has loaded the icons open the Anti-Virus program and run the scan.
when finished reboot and windows will reboot normally.

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