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Monday, May 12, 2008

How to disable annoying startup programs in windows XP

If you have many programs starting up with windows or your taskbar is full of icons and you would prefer that they wouldnt, then you can try disabling them.
This will also make your computer faster, the first way is to actually right-click on the programs icon on the taskbar and see if they have a tick next to an option called load on system tray or load with windows ,unchecking this will disable them from loading next time you restart your system.
Also going to the programs properties and looking for an option to load with windows if there is no option to tick or untick a load windows option.
Another way is to run the Microsoft System Configuration Utility or MSCONFIG for short ,
from the run box and then uncheck items from the start up tab.
Remember not to remove essential programs like your anti virus program.

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