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Monday, May 26, 2008

how much memory do I have on my computer

If you want to know how much memory you have on your system there are a few ways to tell.
First we have to know which memory we want to check there are two main types Hard Drive memory and Random Access Memory or RAM.
Hard drive memory is the memory where you physically store your information and install your programs to.
RAM memory is used to temporary store information when you open or load a program ,as soon as you switch off your computer the RAM is cleared of all info ,usually adding more RAM will make your system and programs load faster.
To view the amount of Hard Drive memory one has in Windows you have to go to My Computer and view the properties of the selected Hard Drive ,here you will see what the capacity is and how much space has been used and how much is available to use.
To view the amount of RAM memory go to Control Panel click on System and on the window that opens you will see your processor speed and amount of memory you have.
Another way to view these items is to use the System Information utility.
Click Start ,programs ,accessories ,system tools and then System Information


James said...

Info looks good, but I have deleted so many files that the system cannot perform the check, at least I have more confidence that this was the right way to do it

Fabio the computer guy said...

Are you able to see how much memory you have in windows?